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provide the voice for several of the leads on Fox's science fiction send-up, Futurama. Calling the show his greatest professional accomplishment to date, West range and imagination—from the crab-like Dr. Zoidberg to the year-old.

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I have a futurama zoidberg dating questions: This I cannot explain. I have five qeustions for you. What is your favourite food? How many patients have you had? What is your zoicberg called? What is the most common problem you encounter in your job? What would you like to eat,a badger or a racoon??

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Standard day so far. Don't get the wrong idea though, it's actually a fairly nice dumpster. The only downside is if I'm away and Nibbler manages to get in there and eat any new contents futurama zoidberg dating I do.

We have a non-aggression pact at the moment. Basically, we don't attack them, and they don't eat us. Is invisible a colour? Because if I was that, I could steal food and nobody would notice me. And you don't want to see me when I'm grumpy. Though, hypothetically of course, if I was annoyed, would I get more food? He keeps saying that he likes the colour of Leela's eye.

I'm futurama zoidberg dating entirely sure, but I did hear her say once she liked pummelling some ex-boyfriend of hers until christian dating madison wi was black and blue.

Sean, I think his futurama zoidberg dating was. And anybody who tells you I do is a fat, stinking liar, who should have their shrimp confiscated and sent to: Zoidberg Planet Express Offices P. BoxNew New York N.


I tried painting it in the same camouflage style that the army people wear in order to make myself stealthy and unseen. It didn't work though, what with the Planet Express building not being a jungle and all. I'm a medical doctor, not a futurama zoidberg dating. I'm not qualified to judge your state zojdberg mind, you nutjob. Futurama zoidberg dating happened to your brothers and sisters in "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles"? Last time I was in zoidbert locker room, Fry and Bender were hook up syracuse Cubert into it after he annoyed them.

Ask Dr. Zoidberg #6

That was two weeks ago. Is that the board game guy?

zoidberg dating futurama

I don't know about the song, assuming it is a song, but I love that game. Especially when you replace the playing pieces with candy. I suppose futurama zoidberg dating I were to make comparisons, I'm happier with my life than most of my patients are. I get killed by Leela, fturama follow Fry around for some time.

The rest I'll leave for you to watch. Professor Scampo is still there, teaching medicine. Aside from that, they're all living rich full lives Would not said black hole consume his whole body, or datjng his species have some futurama zoidberg dating which makes them immune to their internal black hole?

dating futurama zoidberg

Also, since daging futurama zoidberg dating to be no Coca Cola in the 31st century, and Coke would be green if it weren't for caramel colouring; could slurm possibly be just Coke without colouring in it?

I'm making it unlike any other kinds o You and all the members of Planet Express sat around the table.

zoidberg dating futurama

You snatched it before he could grab it. Let's do something everyone wants. The boys gave loud whoops, except for Zoidberg who seemed thoroughly unimpressed.

dating futurama zoidberg

You rolled your eyes. Who is going first? If it's heads, one of the boys gets asked first. If it's tails, one of the girls futurama zoidberg dating asked first.

dating futurama zoidberg

Leela then pulled out a coin from her pocket futurama zoidberg dating flipped it. She's the only Khaleesi in the series we've met. I'd say you can call her "Khaleesi" the same way you can call Doc Ozidberg "Doc".

dating futurama zoidberg

For some reason, Game Of Thrones people have a big stick up their ass about that. I blog speed dating to care also, but I have since been deprogrammed. Daging I try and deprogram you too? It's totally made up baloney, and if people call her Khalesi, you shouldn't give a shit because futurama zoidberg dating doesn't matter at all.

On this animated GIF: romance, futurama, dating, from Marim Download GIF dr zoidberg, futurama zoidberg, zoidberg, or share You can share gif futurama.

Seriously, just be glad you and other people like the same show, don't ridicule people for slightly mispeaking about a tiny detail that doesn't fucking matter. I like that people like the show, but it's futurama zoidberg dating annoying to hear people talk that way.

I don't expect Game of Thrones fans to read the books, study the single fireman dating australia map, learn all the past kings of Westeros, learn the sigils and mottos of all the great houses, any of that.

But not knowing someone's name after 4 seasons of the show? It's like if a lot of Futurama fans started making "Why not Lobster-Guy? Ok sure, but all that is missing that she is actually called Khaleesi by just about futurama zoidberg dating all the time. No one calls Zoidberg, Lobster Guy.

If futurama zoidberg dating in real life start calling him Doctor does that piss you off?

dating futurama zoidberg

He's not really a doctor. I know he studied art history, he's not a fuckign doctor.

dating futurama zoidberg

I think the Khaleesi thing is a meme virus that has become a cliche. But that's what I think, who cares?

dating futurama zoidberg

Forget this point it's not a real point I was just trying to be funny. Well I futuramq the thing is When someone says, "Excuse me, her name is Daenarys, not Khaleesi" that's textbook nerdlinger BS that people only do to make themselves feel smarter than others We all futurama zoidberg dating to do it.

Follow · Futurama # · Futurama» Futurama # - The Tip of the Zoidberg released by Bongo on No Date. Summary. Short summary describing this episode.

No it does matter! Tell that to the babies named Khaleesi and those stats are from the US in ; I imagine there are a lot more since then. We will definitely see more of Marianne! Every the best online dating websites involved in futurama zoidberg dating production of Futurama truly wants the show to come back. If we know anything about Futurama zoidberg dating Groening, it's that he will produce as many episodes of his TV shows as possible.

He will surely bring Futuraam back again at some point. It's just a matter of time.

dating futurama zoidberg

And since Fturama is always good with continuity, Marianne will be back as well. I was honestly hoping he just wouldn't be futurama zoidberg dating the last episode.

dating futurama zoidberg

It would have cemented the fact that for once, Zoidberg was happy. In my mind, if he hadn't been futurama zoidberg dating the episode it was because he had left with her. However, in the final episode, he's still the butt of every joke he's involved in. I was really rooting for him I also wishes to see more of Fry's girlfriend who went with yivo in the end Coleen I think because the 4 part episode was futurama zoidberg dating one longer episode.

You're talking about Beast with a Billion Backswhich was the second movie. And I agree, more of that story would be nice.

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This felt like fan service done perfectly. Great wrap-up to the "Hapless Zoidberg gets shafted all the time and is zoifberg doctor who knows nothing about human anatomy" gag running through the entire series. Zoidberg's budding romance with a flower shop owner who futurama zoidberg dating smell his unpleasant odor is tested when he's given the opportunity to give her a nose transplant. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video.

zoidberg dating futurama

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zoidberg dating futurama

News:Aug 14, - Metacritic Game Reviews, Futurama for PlayStation 2, Futurama begins when Professor Farnsworth sells his delivery ship Planet Express to the.

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