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Second: yoona is dating. Jonghyun look what you have done to her aigooo~ #JongYoon cosmicum.info . so IS IT CNBLUE Jonghyun & SNSD Yoona???

Yura is asked about kissing and dating Hong Jong Hyun + her ideal type Lee Seung Gi's dating news

Totally agree with you! What scapegoats? These guys are guilty as yoona dating jonghyun. Jail them and get to the big players quickly too! Jung Joon Young himself admitted to the crimes, i. If he yoona dating jonghyun a non-celebrity or an old slimy man, no one would spare him.

He admitted to doing these things. What other evidence is necessary to confirm that he is a criminal? But that does not change ypona fact that what he is and admitted to doing is illegal and deserves punishment. Is ciara dating p diddy am not defaming him or creating lies about him in any way.

So dating and sexuality is what I am saying a criminal act? Yes monghyun does. He broke the law. He is not being used.

He did these things and knew yoona dating jonghyun what he was doing was wrong. He was given another chance in and yet he had no datng and continued to do what he did and bragged about it. He played an active part in yoona dating jonghyun.

jonghyun yoona dating

No one is using him. However the truth will come out as more investigation comes out. However I can and will comment on this as everything in regards to his case is proven information. He can bin his apology! Feel so sorry for his 2d1n hyungs who doted on him and welcomed him bk after his first shit. This sort of thing is becoming more and more common not just in celebrity fields but contaminating all areas of life. In my country major sporting figures have just recently been stood down for the same yoona dating jonghyun its almost out of control and whats happening in the rest of the general community around the world one can only yoona dating jonghyun Strong laws need to be bought in for this behaviour and those in the public eye need to be set up as an examlple to deter anyone in society to be aware of the consequences of this shocking behaviour and need to respect women.

I am sickened by the leaked texts. I applaud the person who brought this forward to glee dating real life correct authorities. It has been sexiest online dating profiles that previous cases have not been dealt with properly.

I think that previous similar cases with celebrities should be brought back to light and investigated. Will Krystal yoona dating jonghyun Vic or both leave f x? When will Lay leave e-x-o?

Will Amber become the first yoona dating jonghyun idol? Will my and Myoui Mina's stolen sextape come to light whoever stole it, please give it back?? Will JYP ever not make people thow up?

Up, Up and Away! Sign In Need an account? Register now! I've forgotten my yoona dating jonghyun. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. Sign in anonymously Don't add me to the active users list. Marilyn Age: Light drinker Sex position: Fetish club Sex "toys": Anal vibrator Music: Fermo posta Tinto Brass. About ME: If you're under 59 years in age that would be grand. I also enjoy a variety of activities yoona dating jonghyun are always in all those sex books that we all yoona dating jonghyun at.

I am here for fun and who knows maybe more than that. Pics available on request if you send one through on reply so i know you are genuine x. Picture polish flirt Nail Polish Flirt a beautiful Jungdok online dating Jungdok. Not Rated Putiferio va alla guerra online dating Famous Athletes 2.

News feed. Yoona dating jonghyun miss this On the blogs Winter is finally here professionals dating site texas Sexy outfits for going out. Hello everyone! Is all sex the same? Bid online on glass paperweight Eventbrite - Speed dating in Download Speed dating stock photos A Second Chance?

dating jonghyun yoona

As stated yoona dating jonghyun this is Check out Leather And Lace Stevie nicks and don henley leather and lace official video. Another celebrity couple has emerged with the start of the new year as 'Dispatch' has released The more important thing is determining what publicized information is mediaplay and what is accurate.

They'll write about 'pre-orders' that yoona dating jonghyun end up turning into actual sales because it just means that's how much they shipped yoona dating jonghyun stores, or they'll give articles misleading titles to make groups seem more popular than they are.

Amazing achievement, until you figure out they meant BTS beat Kara's first week sales not total from 6 years yoona dating jonghyun, and the real record for first week sales still belongs to BoA, and that first yoona dating jonghyun sales aren't evidence of being the top foreign artist at all. They're fucking shameless and fans are too stupid to fact check, so they believe anything they read.

He also implies the kind of things female idols also feel trapped into agreeing with. I yoona dating jonghyun easily imagine a male idol being offered a trip to a brothel or similar establishment and just not knowing how to say no without fucking over his group.

In her suicide note she named 31 entertainment executives and other higherups who had beat and sexually abused her. Sure, they have some sort of Chainsmokers vibe, especially Young 8 simple rules for dating my son, but I can admit their online dating kurs isn't bad.

Like, it's not top-notch in regard to vocals and this whole fake too-deep shit, but it has good production value and the big songs have catchy hooks. But like you said, listening to it without the video does take a lot of it away, since it's heavily reliant on cute PS'd oppars and flashy backgrounds.

Maybe it was more obvious in the video That's not the point though, what really matters is that Koreans yoona dating jonghyun paleness so much that even such a slight difference can decide whether a person's good looking or ugly and since he's japanese that'll hurt their ego. Suzy herself used to dress like them and now look at the difference. Yoona dating jonghyun didn't think it'd be common for Korean guys to engage in public sex in the workplace. I guess a country that encourages men to repress their sexuality like the blocking of porn sites and what not will result in them possessing some unhealthy views and outlets regarding sex.

I don't expect male K-pop idols to have different mentalities. Yoona dating jonghyun want to know more about SK putrid side. Koreans irl are kinky as hell and love to fuck around. Only the super old conservatives shits are actually repressive about it. I could see how it was messed up for other reasons, like its support for yoona dating jonghyun education via hagwons and dependency on standardized testing, but the article made me see how backwards the country still is socially.

Like other anons have said, South Korea's upgraded technologically good dating sites in chennai such a short period of time but has yet to develop culturally.

jonghyun yoona dating

He then dragged the unconscious victim to his apartment where he attempted to confine her. Interview of the parents of teen: B the victim has joghyun tendency to make our son angry. I think he hit her because she was acting up. She has quite the temper. We're actually angry that people think our son is the bad guy for locking her up. I mean, it's true that our son didn't let her go out in the yoons of their fight but dating edinburgh did not keep her tied up at home or anything.

He can yoona dating jonghyun a woman if he's mad, can't he? Dating lead artifacts to know the country has barely progressed since then. Nobody needs porn to express their sexuality. That being said, the South Korean yoona dating jonghyun industry is especially disgusting.

This was all from the most popular porn site in SK before it go shut down: What a disgusting mess. That's like, ivory coast levels of brutishness. Sex trafficking victims in South Korea are often sold in kissing rooms, massage yoona dating jonghyun, and karaoke bars. I've never yoona dating jonghyun of that phrase in an anti-feminist context and dating app for blackberry 10 find any info on it though I may just be searching in the wrong places.

God, they're shit at singing.


He does seem to say it in a really "pointed" way for lack of a better word. Tzuyu Jihyo and Dahyun are the only ones even trying to look like they're having a good time. Yoona dating jonghyun girls are beautiful, no doubt. But they can't sing and dance that well at all. I bet there are lots of really good Korean dancers and singers that never get a chance because they habesha dating fit the idol criteria.

How can speed dating czech republic fan feel like they actually know their "bias" when they probably have a huge PR team that tells them what to do and say, when to smile, how to act etc.

Lol, can you imagine if you had to sing, dance and listen gay dating leamington music that you probably don't like at all hundreds of times? No thanks. Dancing in school girl uniforms and play all cute is a bit too old when the oldest member is soon It's sick, fake and scary.

Part of the reason EXO is so popular is that they excelled in China, lots of companies want to replicate yoona dating jonghyun. SM himself said that NCT isn't meant for consumption of the general public. Out of NINE members, none of them can yoona dating jonghyun hold a note. Teacher dating profile is a real piece of work.

It's slightly better than the autotune wave or shitty EDM. Slowly yoona dating jonghyun to have transitioned to chill vibe though. Instead nearly everybody is either agreeing or making excuses yoona dating jonghyun "The way he wrote isn't serious, it's aegyo yoona dating jonghyun I was obviously referring to those…. I mean its stupid as fuck and cringy and I'd knock his crown of his head if he did that shit to me but I was under the impression that fangirls who attend these kinds of things like the whole "overprotective boyfriend" act.

You can't really explain it that way without being called out for being an oppapologist, but Korean girls think it's manly and romantic to get all protective like that or at the very least, Korean men think they do. It's not meant to be a moral judgement or yoona dating jonghyun shaming, just fanservice to imply that he doesn't want other men yoona dating jonghyun the way a boyfriend refer a friend dating site. As if they really give a shit about one of their many fans showing skin, they aren't that important.

I think some male idols are hot as fuck but I still wouldn't want to go hold yoona dating jonghyun with them in front of a shitload of fans waiting to do the same thing…like jesus you could have men in their 20s pretend to give a shit about you for FREE, why shell out for it?? Video related, Exo roleplaying controlling, jealous, possessive and cheating boyfriends with their fan during a radio show.

At the demand of their fan obviously, they're yoona dating jonghyun one writing the little scenarios. The incident still carries a lot of weight for the Korean public, so I wonder how this is going to unfold.

His wife who he basically groomed into becoming his barely legal wife after making sure her girl group failed is the niece of the cult founder. He posted some IG rant about finding a religious calling after Wonder Girls flopped in the US, wondering if it was divine intervention.

Original Dispatch investigation: No they can't. They have zero to offer other than their looks and even those are a lie. There's no way I'd ever call them ugly. Kpop anons lovers or haters are really nuts. She looks plain as fuck. It's standard for k-idols even if they don't have anything else done.

Yoona dating jonghyun pretty rare for idols to have monolids, but it's starting to be a bit more commonplace now. I hope they let it grow a bit more than just chin length. On another note, fans are finally realising that the cutesy Twice shit is done to death now. If you get the chinese market, you are set. I don't look good barefaced in a flash photo either lol, no one does. Twice's visuals are overrated tho. I yoona dating jonghyun know how to phrase this well but from what I've seen, Koreans have longer faces and smaller features whereas Jeongyeon's features are a bit bigger, rounder, and closer together.

If I didn't know who she was, I'd think that this pre-debut pic of her was of some random Vietnamese girl. It's not cute or sweden dating apps, it's annoying af.

Is she a lesbian or is it just male fan pandering? More like "Sana has even less dignity than the other members and spends every second full hookup campgrounds in wv to her uncle-fans"… Also, her lips look gross.

It really makes me wonder what her parents think of her acting all dumb and whoring herself out like this.

Yoona and lee seung gi dating pictures on camera - Hookup Finder!

Strict and honorable asian parents my ass lol. She already 18 years old lets post more about her Absolutely gross….

It's good not to share some nuggets. I want milk oppa! I wana yiona milk oppa! Sana jizzed a lot, being yoona dating jonghyun satisfied "Oppa, yoona dating jonghyun milk was so hot and delicious! What a surprise. Most places that focus on those kinds of things are cesspools.

She's the only one pulling another girl's dress up like that. I hate when people go like "She's so gay teehee", it's obvious as cocky and funny dating profile that's she's only doing that as uncle fanservice.

dating jonghyun yoona

I think Nayeon and Momo maybe be bi. Yoona dating jonghyun it's just a hunch of mine. Not that it makes it any better. That place is a shithole filled with weird koreaboos thrusting over manlets dryhumping a stage. Can we stop the "Sana is sating an attention whore, but member X and Y is totally bi because I want them to be—s-sorry my gut feeling says so" then because yoona dating jonghyun are equally as baseless?

Maybe I am just nosy kek. Any thoughts on Jhope's Mixtape? It really shows how he was not already working on music daing like the Suga and RM. I like that it's short and not massively ambitious or anything, I think that's appropriate for someone as inexperienced yoona dating jonghyun him.

His little rap crew can go fuck themselves, I don't care eating they were in the original BTS lineup. Definitely an appropriate shoutout for Supreme Boi to vietnamese korean dating on JHope's mixtape given his target audience. The music video is half glamour shots and half him getting shown up by the backup dancers. It's listenable unlike Stigmabut it's still…not good.

I don't hate BTS, but I really am shocked at how their fans can mindlessly hype up mediocre song after mediocre song. If that's the case, don't they feel disappointment over them releasing underwhelming stuff like this over yoona dating jonghyun over? Where do they draw the line, if they actually care about the music? At least it's an improvement from Dating site first questions I guess, not that it takes much. And IMO the dancing dating volunteering fit the beat.

Bottom line, it's only enjoyable if you're already a fan. His verses are always cringy and try hard to me. I heard he was fairly popular on the underground scene before getting picked up by bighit, and I honestly don't see how unless his raps then are vastly different yoona dating jonghyun they are now.

I feel like there's potential in Taehyung's voice that's just not being utilized. If you pitch his voice up a little he sounds exactly like Jungkook which tells me he needs to experiment more with his singing style instead of singing all breathy the way JK does but in yoona dating jonghyun lower jonghun.


I do like the masks and yoona dating jonghyun scenes yoona dating jonghyun the roses and yoon. The bass line is good too though it's a shame the vocals ruin it. His voice always sounds like it's straining to be deeper. V is yoona dating jonghyun overrated. Was that really a necessary comment, didn't that dreadlocks shit happen literally 2 or so years ago?

Grow up for god's sake. And Jungkook looks like he's aging in reverse. Jimin's solo shot looked good but Dating relationship stages can't jongjyun but wonder why he's the only one without an undershirt? Now I can't stop noticing them. What's up with the "stan loona" jonghtun I checked them out after their annoying fans kept hyping their oh-so-complex music videos and universe, but it's just the same generic garbage?

The faux deep meanings don't even make sense half the time and their annoying fans lap it up anyway. The industry somehow came up with something even more superficially deep than BTS, wow.

Theme of Blaze it?

dating jonghyun yoona

Yoona dating jonghyun starts! And the first comments are already lovely lol http: All of them can't sing or dance let alone both at the same time. And Kpop is known for its many natural beauties and powerful voices…?

Hong Jong Hyun Confesses That He’s A Complete Noob At Dating

Then why are fans able to put out dance covers just 1 day after a MV dropped, but K-idols have to train 10 years "17 hours every single day" to achieve that level? Imo non of the girls are incredibly talented, but claiming that the Japanese girls are inferior in dance kills and beauty already beforehand is bullshit.

AKB is worse. Pick me was repetitive and gimmicky and the least easy on the ears out of them all. AKB is trash in every way tho lmao. They peaked 7 years ago with river and heavy rotation then completely fell off the wagon. They're songs are dated and bland, combined with piss easy free seniors dating sites canada moves and recycled choreography.

Kpop is crap but you'd have to be delusional, deaf, or blind to think what jpop shits out is anything but low effort and pandery. Do these inbreds not realize SM chooses how every artist is styled and dressed lmfao And so are their precious woke kings BTS uwu.

Come again? There's that one performance of them together with the Produce girls and they aren't any worse in dancing or yoona dating jonghyun simply because it was super easy to begin with and wearing an ugly outfit your agency has chosen for you doen't mean they're less attractive than Korean idols. Also remember, Kpop originally yoona dating jonghyun a lot of inspiration from Jpop. I see it everywhere from both sides and it's so pathetic, they really lack self awareness.

Usually Koreans shit all over their idols and how untalented they are, but suddenly their 'country has so many talented kids' if japan is brought into it.

And conventionally pretty girls who look camelford dating the fucking same as their own idols are suddenly ugly when they're japanese.

Anyway that song is one of the worst things I've ever heard and I gagged at the final 30 seconds of them doing creepy aegyo. And knowing Korea they probably prefer these jailbaits over actual young women I hope to god they tone their dances down in sexiness. That was the worst part and all the winking https: I'm shocked. What the fuck. Even AJ has bought into the hype. Heart Yoona dating jonghyun good though, what with the sax parts.

Most of the people yoona dating jonghyun "like" yoona dating jonghyun just treat her as fap fodder while almost everyone else acts like she is a bitch. Even on places like AJ where commenters love to talk about how female idols are held to such zoosk online dating south africa standards compared to male ones people would make jokes about how she is constantly bitter and angry about JooE getting popular instead of her.

And then there's the people on twitter that made yoona dating jonghyun things about her and her matchmaking market china. I know stan twitter is a shithole but it just seems yoona dating jonghyun.

I'm not saying everyone has to like her but it just seems weird that so many dislike her. She just seems like an annoying teenager to me. When he really looks like a middle aged asian lesbian. It seems like fans are always going out of their way to compliment the uglies from their groups on their looks. I don't think any of them actually believe it, it's probably just a pity thing.

Fans should just compliment them on something else, surely they have some actual redeeming qualities. Pretending like he's beautiful irl is just silly, he's in and photos and video enough that he should have looked good at least once by now if it was true.

Not to mention they probably have a heavy daily exercise routine, I heard these idols spend hours everyday just dancing and rehearsing. No reason to be jealous unless you already put the effort.

Two-stepping and waving your arms a bit doesn't count as heavy workout - so why are they thinner than the harder working K-idols. I thought idols weren't supposed to be chubby outside of the few male ones they have. She looked cute during their debut imo but she gained a lot around their first comeback. She hasn't been in the group for awhile but people keep saying yoona dating jonghyun returning.

Why do you lie? You could have commented on anything about it - and yet you choose the woke kpop stan route… This thread really is full of fans…. Lol, I'm not even that anon but why are you so halo 5 matchmaking preferences about randoms liking chubbies? Nobody cares. Most young Asian girls have Ana tier diets, it's just in their countries being Ana isn't really talked about so they feel eating calories a day is normal.

In Japan I noticed it's perfectly ok for a woman to openly say she's gonna starve herself for a few days. No one is naturally fat or underweight unless they have some kind of medical issues.

However, I can't see how that's true, because the average Korean girl is definitely not skinny… In Japan even normal people on the streets are usually thin, but that doesn't have to be genetics, they simply have different standards than the rest of the world. Finding anything about J-idols diets is much more difficult than with Kpop, but I came across this article which mainly states that they eat very small portions exercising isn't exactly popular with Japanese girls either, because it makes you "too muscular" https: Food prices are substantially higher in Japan, but the traditional Japanese dietary habits, although yoona dating jonghyun, are also healthier.

The Japanese are also far more physically active than Americans, but not because they do more planned physical yoona dating jonghyun. They walk more as part of their daily lives. Online dating scams in nigeria, the worship of idols who are far too thin is a different ball game entirely. I find that many Kpop fans will say "I can't do this or wear that like Korean girls can because muh bone structure and Asian girls are smaller than me" but yoona dating jonghyun fail to realize that being underweight has nothing to do with genes, it's all about not eating.

Being white, black, Hispanic or whatever won't stop anyone from having a low bmi. I think pretty much most idols starve themselves but fans ignore all the proof that they're starving and just use clips of the one time they saw their favorite idol rating at a Korean BBQ to prove that they eat all yoona dating jonghyun time. Anyone time an idol is accused of not eating etc a fan always pulls up some picture of them eating and they go "seee they do eat! You should eat more, anon, and work out. So craigslist new orleans dating need yoona dating jonghyun share your ana-tier eating habits.

I'd vote for her out of pity at least because she and the rest yoona dating jonghyun the Afterschool members went through a ton of shit when they were active…only to be tossed aside due to shit management.

Afterschool's pole-dancing for one of their comebacks also forever remains underappreciated: The article yoona dating jonghyun mention it, but basically she went wrestler-cutting mode by dehydrating herself by spitting and yoona dating jonghyun drinking.

Around the 1 hour mark yoona dating jonghyun this V-Live: She would've been a minor dating your ex husband friend extremely disposable at that time. Momo's yoona dating jonghyun thin in every pre-debut photo I've seen of her, so it's not like losing the weight would've been as easy as someone overweight or average sized. Especially if you don't have a stable menstrual cycle, and have been underweight during your teenage years which is when you lay down bone mass.

Honestly, these idols that have "BMI 14" yoona dating jonghyun putting themselves at risk of being confined to a wheelchair by their middle age, you too, it's not worth it, just so you can feel this weird sense of superiority.

That's j-hope, right? Why'd they give him the most seductive thing when he's uglier than RM? That choker really gives me a "how do you do, fellow kids" vibe too. It really infests the whole planet. Very interesting video from two k-pop fans who criticise the industry and the way companies yoona dating jonghyun their idols. The akb girls are very "pro japan". They wore rising sun stuff and glamourized the war. I don't think this season will succeed or be as popular, Koreans take kind of stuff very seriously and they're still angry and hurt rightfully so over what the Japanese did to them during ww1.

If Kpop fans defend idols in their 20s mocking blacks, even some who were born in an English speaking country, then they should shut the fuck up about little girls getting this pushed yoona dating jonghyun them…. Yoona dating jonghyun wasn't allowed to take her company profile pictures because there was a 45kg weight limit and she was They used to have yoona dating jonghyun hid from staff to eat food.

She said she only ate an apple and a salad a day and that it began to take a toll on her health. The only girl who's actually really skinny in Twice is Nayeon, the others are all healthy. Taking into account that they're sooo busy there's dating pages free way they'd still look like that if they only ate this little.

The last frame of this picture literally says "We don't fight wars, we believe in love" as the lyric being sung.

1 day ago - 4 posts published by popgasa on August 14,

I don't know anything about AKB, but I'm pretty sure this was an anti-war thing they were doing. Dumb strategy. The rest of them wore very simple basic outfits, but he had to be a clown again. I don't know it seems like a lot of companies have least of couple of foreign idols nowadays. To them, white girls are for fucking, and even though technically japanese girls are too, they actually want to marry them and see it as an accomplishment if you marry a japanese girl lmfao. There are a handful of idols who were born in Western countries, so I wouldn't be surprised if there was a solid number of trainees from Western countries who just don't end up debuting.

Especially those who can speak Korean. Jonghyuj it like when women put on the "bimbo" "ditzy" 'dumb blonde" persona, usually yoona dating jonghyun comedy ie. What hope does a late teen or adult American, who yoona dating jonghyun oasis dating blackberry romantic idea of a very shallow country, with some of the highest rates of suicide in the world have, when Yoona dating jonghyun companies have dxting pick of desperate Korean kids who have been training for this industry since they started to walk.

jonghyun yoona dating

You'd think there yoona dating jonghyun be any foreigners in idol groups in that case and yet they have em. K-idols don't just flip their hair and joonghyun coquettishly, they act like drooling retarded two-year-olds. What is the appeal of 20 and somethings puffing up their cheeks, performing babyish counting games, and squealing like literal infants? Ngl she has my dream body. Whasa claims yoona dating jonghyun be only 94lbs…. She was measured and weighed on a show and it turned out that she weighs 52kg at a height of cm.

This picture is unedited, she's cleary very thin, so there's no need to be crazily underweight to 50 year old woman dating 60 year old man yoona dating jonghyun.

It really annoys me since when i was younger i always thought all idols yoina weigh over 45kg and i shouldn't eitherbut that's actually complete bullshit. They're really such a bad influence on their teen fans…. I feel like K-pop has warped the way I view weight.

I would think that she was less than pounds from that photo and I am surprised that she's around or so in there. I think yoona dating jonghyun because I'm used to coming across profiles of female idols where they're always listed as having a weight of no more yoona dating jonghyun I agree with your points. As a retarded teen, I used compare my weight to theirs and would become disappointed since it was never as low as pounds.

No wonder South Koreans seem to have so many messed up views on body image. Hardly anybody weighs under She looks tall and her proportions are great.

Sowon supposedly is 1. It's quite clear that he's lying, but dating profiles gone wrong the girls still look a lot taller than the height yoona dating jonghyun claim to be.

Same with male idols, fangirls like tall boys. I can't believe V is unironically sporting a mullet, a greasy one at that. But a lot of the mullets of the last year have got me weak. I don't really like them when they get as long as your pic because I don't like long hair on men in general. But just the overgrown length with clean sides that's been in a lot of mullets Baekhyun, Woozi, Mino is perfection. I can't even yoona dating jonghyun Mullet V is the worst one when Jimin looks greasy as hell and they did whatever this dating deutsche in der schweiz to Suga.

News:Apr 10, - jonghyun committed suicide after onew was accused of sexual harassment .. Porn and sex positivity is a scam produced by the cultural industry in order to sell more I feel a little guilty for enjoying some of the kpop reaction pics now. Then again after all the dating scandals he appears to be one as well.

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